Chicken and Spinach Tagliettle

This is my all time favourite recipe! Everyone in my family loves it! Definitely a must try recipe!


Boneless Chicken strips  – 500 gms

Chopped garlic cloves – 3

Cream packets – 2

Sliced Mushrooms – 1/2 cup

Baby Spinach – 1/2 cup

Mayonnaise – 3 tbsp

Milk – 1/2 cup

Salt and Pepper according to your taste

Soya Sauce – 1 tbsp

Tagliatelle Pasta – 1 packet ( boil it and set aside)


Marinate chicken strips with salt/pepper and soya sauce for 15 mins.

Stir fry them in 2 tbsp oil and set aside.

Fry chopped garlic in a tablespoon oil. Add in mushrooms, along with baby spinach and cook for few minutes!

Next, add in cream, Mayo and milk along with salt and pepper. Mix well and do check the taste, if more salt n pepper is needed!

Keep the heat on medium. Add in the spinach and mix well. Make sure you don’t make the gravy too thick because you will be adding chicken and pasta.

After few minutes, add in the chicken and the pasta. Mix gently and sprinkle oregano and parsley. You can also top it with grated cheese if you are a cheese lover!

I usually make it with chicken, but you can also use salmon or prawns!

Please do try and give me your feedback! I would love to hear if it this recipe was a hit or a miss 🙂




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